A-MAZE-ING news! Our Auckland Maze is on target to re-open late 2023!

Frequently Asked Questions

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About the Maze
How long does the maze take to do?
What is a sensory maze?
Can I exit the maze at any time?
Is the maze suitable for young children?
What is a single entry? What is the hour experience?
What is the 1 hour experience ticket?
What sort of attire should I wear to the maze?
Can I take my camera into the sensory maze?
Can I take personal items into the maze?
Is the maze difficult to complete?
Can I wear my glasses inside the maze?
Do you have photos or souvenirs for sale?
I have, or I have visiting the maze with someone who has autism, is the maze well suited for us?
I suffer from claustrophobia can I complete the maze?
Can pregnant women complete the maze?
Do I need to book?
I've booked online but can I change the date?
Do you offer birthday parties?
Do you offer Birthday Packages?
Other FAQs
Can I take my baby through the maze?
I lost something inside the maze, how can I retrieve it?
How do you keep Odysseans safe from COVID19?
I had my photo taken during our visit. Where do I retrieve my photo from?
Want to film an A-MAZE-ING production inside our Maze?
Venue Hire
Do you offer packages for school holiday programs?
Do you offer group discounts?
I have epilepsy can I complete the maze?
I have a medical condition or disability can I complete the maze?
What if I need to get out during the Odyssey journey?
I have a rather large group. Can I book exclusive access to the maze?
Is Odyssey suitable for Stag and Hen groups?
Do you offer a student price?
Gift Vouchers
Do you offer gift vouchers/ gift cards?
I have purchased / been given a gift voucher but I'd like to secure a refund. Is this possible?
I have been given an Odyssey gift voucher. How do I redeem it?
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