2018 Christmas/New Years Hours will be normal 10am-10pm every day apart from the following: 24th 10am-6pm / 25th Closed / 26th Queenstown: Open 10am-10pm ~ Auckland: Closed / 31st 10am-6pm

What is a Sensory Maze?

Odyssey is an a-maze-ing adventure where while trying to find your way out you will experience darker challenging spaces, quirky physical obstacles and challenges, illusions, lighting effects, scents, sound effects and strange sensations that all together provide you with a unique experience that you will never forget! 

Odyssey is fun for all ages, great family entertainment and definitely a must see for all tourists. The incredible journey through Odyssey takes around 20 - 30 minutes however there is no time limit to your adventure and you are free to discover Odyssey at your own pace. Odyssey is recommended for those aged 8 and over but if you would like to enquire about how suitable Odyssey is for your young ones, please feel free to get in touch!