Q: Do you offer group discounts?

A: We sure do! Please contact us through our contact page in order to find out more!


Q: How long does the maze take to do?

A: Both our Auckland and Queenstown mazes take on average 20 - 30 minutes to complete however this differs from person to person or group to group depending on how confused or lost you get or how long it takes you to maneuver through our obstacles! There is no time limit at all so we do encourage everyone to take their time to journey through as it's not just about finding your way out but enjoying all we have to offer along the way!


Q: Is the maze suitable for young children?

A: We don't recommend Odyssey for children under 8 years of age. This is largely due to the fact that there are darker areas inside the maze (one small area is pitch black) combined with some intense sound effects and younger children, typically those under 8 years of age in our experience, can struggle with these areas. Entry isn't prohibited for this age group it just isn't recommended by us. Every child is quite different and some children of these ages love the experience, some find it a little more daunting. So entry for younger children is at the discretion of the accompanying parent or guardian after being informed of the above. Please note also that should you decide to take young children through the maze and then want an early exit therefore not completing the experience, we are unable to process any refunds so this is also something to take into consideration when deciding to go through with them or not.


Q: Do I need to book?

A: You don't require a booking to attend Odyssey ordinarily but we do like to pencil in larger groups (20+ people) so that we can ensure we are adequately staffed on the day to attend to you all and to ensure as best we can, that we don't have any other large groups come down at the same time.


Q: Do you have photos or souvenirs for sale?

A: We do have Odyssey merchandise for sale online and at both our Auckland and Queenstown mazes.
We don’t sell photos of your experience, we offer you a photo opportunity, free of charge, before you start your journey and these photos are uploaded once a month to our Odyssey Sensory Maze Auckland and Odyssey Sensory Maze Queenstown Facebook Pages.


Q: What sort of attire should I wear to the maze?

A: We suggest wearing something casual and comfortable and something you can easily maneuver in. Bear in mind we do have some physical challenges and quirky obstacles inside the maze so skirts and dresses aren’t probably the best idea!


Q: Can I wear my glasses inside the maze?

A: Yes, of course, especially if you require them to see. If you wear glasses you will just want to take extra care when inside the maze keeping your hands out in front of your face wherever you can’t see or see which way to go. Also, take extra care through our obstacles as we won’t be responsible for loss or damage to personal property inside the maze.


Q: Do you offer a student price?

A: Our Auckland sensory maze offers a student price to anyone aged 13 - 18 years old or if you can provide a valid student I.D. There is no student price for our Queenstown sensory maze.


Q: I've booked online but can I change the date?

A: Yes, you can change the date of your booking. Just email us on: info@odysseysensorymaze.co.nz and we will move the date of your booking for you.


Q: Do you offer gift vouchers/ gift cards?

A: You can purchase a gift voucher or card by visiting either of our stores. Alternatively, you can purchase an Odyssey gift voucher via our website. On the website, simply head to the appropriate store you'd like to purchase the gift voucher for from the tabs at the top of the webpage and select the "Buy Gift Voucher" tab. Follow all instructions for purchasing a gift voucher. A copy of the gift voucher will be emailed to your chosen email address. Please note gift vouchers are valid for up to 12 months.  


Q: I have been given an Odyssey gift voucher. How do I redeem it?
A: If you've been given a physical gift voucher with handwritten details you can redeem this in store at any time. Simply present your voucher to one of our a-maze-ing crew. If your gift voucher has been purchased online via our website you'll need to head to our website to redeem your voucher. On the website, from the tabs at the top of the webpage, select the appropriate store you'd like to redeem the gift voucher for and select the "Redeem Gift Voucher" tab. Follow the instructions for redeeming your gift voucher including selecting a date for your intended visit. You'll need to bring along photo ID for proof of identity when arriving in store to.

Q: I have purchased / been given a gift voucher but I'd like to secure a refund. Is this possible?

A: Sadly all gift vouchers are non-refundable and non-transferable but are valid for use within 12 months of purchase. 

Q: Is the maze difficult to complete?

A: The maze isn't designed to be too challenging to complete. Whilst there are some obstacles to navigate, largely the path is easy to find ahead of you. The maze is supposed to be a fun activity to enjoy and not a competition or task to "beat". This is why we encourage every group to take their time and to enjoy the sensory maze journey.

Q: Can I take my camera into the sensory maze?

A: No personal belongings can be taken into the sensory maze; this includes phones, cameras and other recording devices. We provide lockers in our reception area that all belongings can be stored in whilst you complete your sensory maze experience.

Q: What is the 1 hour experience ticket?

A: Unlike the single entry ticket which allows you to journey through Odyssey just the once. Our 1 hour experience ticket offers you the opportunity to journey through Odyssey as many times as you like within an hour time limit.

Q: What are crazy goggles?

A: Crazy goggles are A-MAZE-ING light diffracting lenses. The goggles enhance the sensory maze experience and are popular with visitors to the maze.

Q: Do you offer birthday parties?

A: We do offer birthday parties with each of our stores providing a unique birthday package in collaboration with other businesses in the area. The birthday packages includes access to a party room or provisions for party guests to dine (off-site). Each birthday package includes free entry into Odyssey Sensory Maze for the Guest of Honour plus loads of other treats! Birthday Packages are available for groups of 6 or more guests and must be pre-arranged with the Odyssey Sensory Maze team. To book your birthday party get in touch via: info@odysseysensorymaze.co.nz 

Q: Is Odyssey suitable for Stag and Hen groups?

A: Odyssey is well suited for Stag and Hen groups and we even offer the Stag or Hen free entry into Odyssey Sensory Maze when accompanied by 3 full price paying companions and you've pre-booked your trip. To plan your event at Odyssey Sensory Maze contact us now on: info@odysseysensorymaze.co.nz

Q: I have a rather large group. Can I book exclusive access to the maze?

A: Yes you can! There is an additional fee to book exclusive access to the maze. To find out more contact us on: info@odysseysensorymaze.co.nz

Q: What if I need to get out during the Odyssey journey?

A: Our crew closely monitor you whilst you're inside the sensory maze. On rare occasions, customers decide they need to leave the sensory maze. Should this happen to you, we ask that you wave at one of our security cameras to signal to our crew to come and collect you.


Q: Can pregnant women complete the maze?

A: There are some obstacles to navigate inside the maze that may be cumbersome for pregnant women. The maze is for all ages and we frequently have small children up to elderly adults complete the maze all the time but we leave the choice to enter or not, entirely up to you.


Q: I have a medical condition or disability can I complete the maze?

A: Anyone of any physical condition is welcome to complete our maze. The maze does include obstacles to navigate, strobe lighting and dark spaces that may make the maze difficult for those with a disability. We leave the choice to enter the maze entirely up to you and should you decide to enter we offer a discounted rate for those with disabilities. Please inform our team upon arrival in store of your disability. For more information please contact us on: info@odysseysensorymaze.co.nz


Q: I have epilepsy can I complete the maze?

A: Anyone is welcome to complete the maze. However, both our Auckland and Queenstown mazes include strobe lighting that may not be recommended for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Should you choose to enter the maze please inform our team upon arrival in store of your medical condition. For more information please contact us on: info@odysseysensorymaze.co.nz


Q: I have, or I have visiting the maze with someone who has autism, is the maze well suited for us?

A: We often have customers who have autism visit the sensory maze and many of them love the sensory maze experience. We do want to point out however that Odyssey is not a typical "sensory room". Whilst Odyssey Sensory Maze is suitable for everyone the maze does include unusual sound and lighting effects and dark spaces that may frighten small children or those with autism. The choice whether to enter or not is entirely up to you.