A-MAZE-ING news! Our Auckland Maze is on target to re-open late 2023!

Fun With Your Senses!


With everyone in isolation and our store shut during this time we thought we’d take some time to teach you a few interesting facts about your senses.

Since Odyssey Sensory Maze gives you the chance to test and stimulate your senses we're going to teach you about how you can examine your senses in the comfort of your own home. So check-out these experiments below; all of which you can complete with simple house-hold items.

 The connection between taste and smell:

 Your sense of space:

 Test the connection between your sense of scent and memory recall:

The connection between sight, space and touch:

 Your sense of balance and sight:

Why not try some these experiments out at home for yourself? Or create your own experiment? Upload your video to Facebook, tag Odyssey Sensory Maze and one lucky entrant per video will win a family pass to either of our stores. So fight the boredom and win prizes instead!

Remember, we offer educational programmes in-store to teach school kids about their senses with real world applications. Click here to find out more about "Your Educational Journey".