A-MAZE-ING news! Our Auckland Maze is on target to re-open late 2023!

Want to film an A-MAZE-ING production in the venue?

Why not use Odyssey Sensory Maze in your production?

By the very nature of being a sensory maze, we offer a very unique environment that's interesting for production companies to use as a filming location.

Over the years we've had a variety of production crews in to film various different projects including TV shows such as TVNZ's Mind Over Money, Sachi's music video to "Hollywood Angel", Valkyrie's music video to "Good Thing" and several other projects. 

Odyssey Sensory Maze is available for hire.  There are costs associated with filming in-store but discounted rates are applied should we be able to secure brand exposure from the production*. We hope we're able to find something that suits any budget that's also mutually beneficial. 

We're also more than happy for you to come and check-out either of our sites to determine suitability for your projects.

If you think Odyssey Sensory Maze is suitable for your production then please get in touch. You can reach us on the following email address: info@odysseysensorymaze.co.nz  

What we need to know is:

  • Contact details to reach you
  • Which of our stores you are interested in filming in
  • A brief description of what the production is related to
  • The date and time you'd be interested in filming
  • How long you'll require the space for
  • An idea of your budget
  • Any brand exposure we are able to receive from being included in the production

We look forward to being the backdrop to your next project!

*Discounts are also applied if filming takes place outside of our typical operating hours and for brand recognition.